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Owning and breeding alpacas can, like any other livestock investment, give you financial rewards. The scope of those rewards depends upon your willingness to work hard, study and learn, and of course a little bit of luck.

We can think of other equally compelling reasons to own and/or breed these fascinating animals. Alpacas gave us the incentive to purchase a small farm in an old-fashioned, agricultural community we have come to love. Their presence in our lives awakened creative energies. Ingrid learned to spin, make baskets, and enjoys writing. The words of Jane Dunstan and Shari Templeton, editors of the GALA Newsletter, recently caught our eye. "I wish that we all took time to simply be still and enjoy the gifts which have been bestowed on us ...all within our sight and reach." (December 2000)

We consider the alpacas and their beautiful fiber a gift to ourselves and our customers. And yes, our "speechless brothers" have taught us to be still. Come visit and rest with us a while!

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