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Ingrid is the author of three books:

A Breeder's Guide to Genetics - Relax, It's Not Rocket Science (co-author Denise Como) is available in hard cover and soft cover, from, Dogwise, and The E-book versions can be purchased from Dogwise for $9.95 (for other titles from Dogwise, see further below). For a preview of the book, read chapter 26 here.

The Alpacas of Stormwind Farm is available in all versions from and For a pre-view of the book, read chapter 11 here.

The third book is about a hiking trip that Ingrid took with her sister, Karin, to the beautiful German Mosel valley in 2012. It includes a visit to a German alpaca farm. Read more about  Hiking With the Boss by clicking here.

You may also order a signed copy of any of the books by contacting Ingrid directly.

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Ingrid's articles have been published in camelid publications in the USA, Germany, and Australia. You will appreciate her breadth and depth of knowledge on a variety of alpaca related topics once you have read the following selection of articles:

  • Ingrid wrote an interesting rebuttal to some of the negative aspects of the Wall Street Journal article of April 4, 2007, regarding the tax advantages of raising alpacas. Her article can be read here.
  • For the first article (in a series of two) on the surprising research results on the use of GastroGard (an ulcer medication) in camelids, click here. The second article is here.
  • "From Peas to Shoes to Alpacas", published in the AOBA Magazine in the Winter 2000 edition can be viewed here.
  • "Breeding for Diversity!" published in the AOBA Magazine in the Summer 2001 edition and can be viewed here.
  • "Mr. Paca Pinto", published in the AOBA Magazine in the Herdsire 2001 edition can be viewed here.
  • Ingrid wrote two articles on the dangers of breed standards: "Tears of the Alpaca" which has been published in the Mapaca Newsletter and is available here in PDF format, and
  • "The Alpaca Breed Standard: A Path to Genetic Poverty" which is available here (revised 4/06).
  • An article from 5/1/07 talks about some of the erroneous information out there on color genetics, "Get a Load of This!", and you can read that here, with a follow up from (8/7/07), "Beyond Basic Pigments and Genetic Fairytales" here. ("Beyond Basic Pigments and Genetic Fairytales" was updated 10/5/07)
  • Another on color genetics is "A Spotlight on Alpaca Spots" (7/16/07), and can be read here.
  • An article on "The Utilization of Breeding Data to Assess Alpaca Male Fertility" can be read here.
  • An article on the "BVDV Study" by the Alpaca Research Foundation can be read here.
  • An article on the "Investigation of the Multiple-Malformation Syndrome in Llamas and Alpacas Associated with Choanal Atresia" by the Alpaca Research Foundation can be read here.
  • Read "Beyond Minimal Care Standards for Alpacas" here.
  • Read "A Call for Common Sense & Profits" here.

Genetics and excellent care procedures must go hand in hand to produce healthy animals. An article Ingrid wrote on a research project concerning parasite prevention should interest all alpaca breeders. It is posted on the Alpaca Research Foundations's website, click here to visit that site.

Ingrid will give a Color Seminar at the location of your choice; for more details click here. Workshops on Camelid Color Genetics are presently offered upon request ($50 per person, includes lunch). For other seminars and events sponsored by Stormwind Alpacas, please check the Stormwind events page here.

Fellow breeder Kate Perez has written an interesting article about developing a cottage industry with alpaca fiber, called "Coming Out of the Cottage"; click here to read it.

There are a number of books available through the Dogwise site that may be of interest (click on title to go to the listing for that book at Dogwise):

A Breeder's Guide to Genetics
A Breeder's Guide to Genetics (E-book)
Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Livestock Protection Dogs
Great Pyrenees
Great Pyrenees (E-book)
Whippet (E-book)

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Ingrid and Francis

Claudia enjoys Stormwind's spring pastures.
Ingrid wears a felted hat crafted from this cria's granddam's fiber (hat by fiber artist Carol Masters)
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