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Customer Benefits

Many farms have beautiful alpacas for sale.  Why should you elect to purchase alpacas from Stormwind Farm?  As our customer, you will enjoy many benefits.  We’ve listed some of them below.

  • After breeding and raising alpacas since 1997, we consider ourselves experts in managing a moderate size herd on a small family farm.  We offer you a wealth of information based on years of practical, hands on experience.
  • The initial farm visit and consultation are free.  After that, the benefits of our expert advice continue to be available to you free of charge with a purchase of one or several alpacas from our farm.
  • As our customer, you will never “get lost in the crowd”.  Sales from our farm are usually staggered, so the latest customer’s access to our time is virtually exclusive.  Additionally, there is no imposed limit to our consultation time.  Our motto:  Once our customer, always our customer.
  • Our prices are very reasonable.  Prospective alpaca buyers should realize that the cost of glitzy brochures, lavish entertainment, and costly “gifts” offered by many farms is factored into their sales prices.  In contrast,  our customers benefit from our thoughtful, frugal approach to marketing.  Instead of fruit baskets and flowers, you will receive the gift of our time.
  • The cost of attending workshops and seminars on our farm is free or greatly reduced.  Our consulting service includes free private instruction in Camelid Color Genetics, all aspects of herd management, shearing, and skirting fleeces.  Instruction is customized to fit your time schedule and meet your unique needs.
  • Our expert advice on herd management has helped present customers save considerable amounts of hard cash.  We can do the same for you.
  • Your alpacas will be boarded free of charge up to six months after the purchase.
  • As our customer, you will benefit from our honest presentation of the industry, our farm, and individual alpacas.  Realistic, pragmatic planning is the first component of successful farming with alpacas.
  • The biggest benefit to you may be our expert advice on how to handle and train your alpacas.  We work closely with Camelidynamics practitioner Dorothy Hunt, and the results speak for themselves.
  • Our alpacas are sold with full reproductive guarantees (unless otherwise agreed upon).  All future stud fees will be $500.00 if you choose to return a female to us for an additional breeding.

To discuss customer benefits in more detail, call or email to arrange a visit to Stormwind Alpacas.  We look forward to meeting you.

Directions to Stormwind Alpacas: 

From  exit 7 of the NJ Turnpike: go 206 south pass Columbus Market, make left at WaWa on Jacksonville-Jobstown Rd., pass Petticoat Bridge Rd., farm is on the left about 300 yards.

From 295: take exit 52A (Columbus), go past 2nd light, make right onto Petticoat Bridge Road, at next light make right onto Jacksonville-Jobstown Rd., farm is on the left about 300 yards.


1862 Jacksonville-Jobstown Rd.,  Columbus, NJ 08022  Phone:  609.694.3410
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