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We are located in Springfield Township (Columbus mailing address) in Burlington County, one of New Jersey's premier farm communities. Stormwind Alpacas enjoys easy access from New Jersey highways 206 and 295 and shares a road with the Burlington County Farm Fairgrounds. It's an attractive destination for fiber artists and tourists who wish to see alpacas being raised in a healthy environment with emphasis on animal welfare.

Stormwind Alpacas Farm and Farm Store are open to visitors. We advise those coming from a distance to call ahead ( 609.694.3410 ). For scheduled days, hours, and more information, please click here.
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Our alpaca breeding program began in 1997. At that time, hardly anyone living in New Jersey had heard of -- never mind seen -- an alpaca. That has changed! Many people living in New Jersey have become familiar with alpacas and alpaca products. 
Stormwind Alpacas offers for sale alpaca fiber, rovings, yarn, and fine alpaca products such as scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, socks, cardigans, blankets, and more. We continue to expand our inventory of fine alpaca products.
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You are welcome to:

  • Phone, write or E-mail us at Stormwind Alpacas for more information
  • Visit us, meet the animals, and see our lovely, super clean facilities

Ingrid Wood is the author of four books. The Alpacas of Stormwind Farm is an excellent choice for readers who wish to learn about raising alpacas on a small farm. The Frugal Alpaca Farmer guides prospective alpaca owners step-by-step through a comprehensive planning and decision-making process. A Breeder's Guide to Genetics offers valuable information to serious breeders of all species. The book includes several chapters on the inheritance of color genes. Hiking With the Boss is about a hiking trip that Ingrid took with her sister, Karin, to the beautiful German Mosel valley in 2012, and includes a visit to a German alpaca farm.

For more information on how to purchase the books, visit the Stormwind Alpacas Farm Store page by clicking here


visa/mastercardWe accept VISA and MasterCard payments for products purchased at Stormwind Alpacas.


Dave and Ingrid Wood
1862 Jacksonville-Jobstown Rd.,
Columbus, NJ 08022  

Phone: 609.694.3410
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(Occasionally, due to computer problems, the e- mail contact through the website does not work. If I do not contact you within a day of your request, please use regular e-mail or call me on my cell phone. Thank you.)

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